What Does Thai Massage Acupressure Pressure Do?

Our body is an energy circuit, much like a circular highway. Along this energy circuit there are specific points which can be represented by intersections on the highway. When a point is blocked, the flow of energy (called Chi in Chinese Medicine), nerve impulses, and even blood is restricted. This can lead to the appearance of symptoms such as swelling, pain, or an infection. Because Western medicine is based on the treatment of the superficial dealing of symptoms, a typical approach would be to administer Ibuprofen for the pain and antibiotics for the infection. They may temporarily alleviate the symptom, but the cause - the blockage - still exists and this will soon create another symptom. A wide variety of symptoms can be produced by one single energy blockage.

An energy blockage is quite analgous to the occurrence of a car accident in the middle of an intersection. After the accident, other approaching cars will soon collide with the first car damaged in the accident and a pile up will ensure. If the highway patrol simply removes the cars in the pile up but does not clear the original accident, another pile up will be inevitable.

Symptoms are gentle messages to us from our bodies telling us that something is a little off and we need some fine tuning. If these subtle messages are ignored and blockages are allowed to persist more blatant messages will arise such as disease or the degeneration or loss of certain bodily functions. This is the simple idea behind "cleaning" blockages along the energy lines to both prevent and treat a myraid of common symptoms and ailments. To achieve optiimal health, we must achieve maximum flow, which brings nourishment and energy to the body tissues while carrying away waste materials. 

What Can Be Treated With Thai Acupressure Massage?

Source: Thai Traditional Medical Massage, Supron Mukomla