What Can Be Treated with Thai Massage

What can be treated with Thai Massage?


            Thai Massage/Acupressure combined with other Asian modalities have been

used in Asia to combat illness and prevent disease for hundreds of years before the

advent of modern medicine. The muscles, nerves, bones, and various organs can all

be affected by applying pressure to select points on the body. That being said, my

particular experience with Thai Massage has been mostly with musculoskeletal

conditions given that my initial training and work have been in a physical therapy

setting. Neck pain, low back pain, sciatica, upper extremity nerve pain, knee pain,

foot/ankle ankle pain, headaches, and stress have all responded well to sessions of

this work. Clients also report sleeping better afterwards and feeling “lighter”. In

addition to this, practitioners of these arts report that the circulation, the body's

ability to cleanse itself of toxins, and energy levels can all improve.