How Thai Massage Works

The body has ten main energy lines that supply it with “Chi” or the vital force which

helps maintain the healthy functioning of the body. Any obstructions that form along

these energy lines can contribute to pain, illness, or lack of well-being. The goal of

acupressure is to ensure that energy is moving smoothly through these lines by releasing

these obstructions. An analogy would be of a river or stream, along which many flowers

and plants grow. If the water supply along the stream becomes impeded by many rocks

and boulders, the flowers and plants will eventually begin to suffer. If these rocks are

now removed, the vegetation will prosper once again. In a similar fashion, with the

release of these obstructions, the healing powers of the body are given a chance to work

more efficiently. Any organ system – the kidneys, the liver, the lungs, the thyroid gland,

the adrenals, the intestines, to name a few – that was compromised gets stimulated and

its functioning can improve.