Homeopathy & Children

I believe that the greatest benefit homeopathy has to offer is to the well being of children. Children and babies, in particular, are virgin beings that have not been polluted by the onslaught of toxins in our modern society. Unfortunately, much of conventional medicine involves the administration of repeated doses of toxic drugs! Steroids and antibiotics have numerous side effects. Probably most disturbing is the havoc they wreak on the precious microbes found within our gut. A round of antibiotics, or multiple rounds, will increase children's risk for a variety of health challenges stemming from disrupted gut bacteria - from asthma and obesity in their youth to dementia later in life.

Homeopathy allows the treatment of many childhood conditions without the use of these harmful drugs. Fevers, routine childhood infections, difficulties with teething, constipation, coughs, and even asthma are all often treatable. Behavorial problems like temper tantrums, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and anxieties can be addressed as well.

It has been observed that children treated with homeopathy grow up to become healthier adults. In homeopathic theory, illnesses that are not managed holistically can be suppressed. For example, a severe diaper rash is frequently treated with diaper rash creams containing zinc oxide (a very common ingredient) will often effectivly remove the rash on the level of the skin. However, the "disease entity" will not disappear but will rather but "pushed in" to deeper levels of the organism. A condition like asthma can result. Similar scenarios are possible with antibiotics and steroidal medications.

By avoiding the use of toxic medications and by not suppressing illnesses, children are enabled to thrive and grow into adulthood, unhindered by the burden of chronic disease that is becoming so prevalent in our times. 

1Brain Maker, David Perlmutter, MD, 2015